Jonathan Goldman - Pineal Activator Kit


Jonathan Goldman - Pineal Activator Kit

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The Pineal Activator™ is a very special tuning fork designed to facilitate the activation of the Pineal Gland—which many mystics believe is the “seat of the soul”. The specific frequency is based upon discoveries by the sonic alchemist and scientist John Worrell Keely who lived in the late 1800’s.

The effects of this tuning fork are powerful and profound. The Pineal Activator™ has extraordinary potential to enhance psychic abilities and assist spiritual evolution. The Pineal Activator™ Kit includes a 16 page manual which contains exercises to increase the benefits you may receive from this special frequency.

Long known by Mystic Masters for its association with the 3rd Eye and Crown Chakra, vibratory resonance of the Pineal Gland may well facilitate attunement to higher levels of consciousness.

Includes the tuning fork, 16 page manual, sound activator (puck) and mesh bag.

Approximate Fork Measurements: 
Length: 4.25" / 10.5 cm
Weight: 1.2 oz / 34 g