Channeling + Mediumship 101 MP3 Course • Recorded Live

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Channeling + Mediumship 101 MP3 Course • Recorded Live


Light-Encoded Recording of LIVE event with Alyssa in Austin, Texas. In this audio program in 3 parts, we explore expanding your abilities to channel your Highest Self, Guides and connect with those who’ve crossed over. Exercises and simple things you can do to tune in and get information from the Source Field, while learning to trust that the information you’re getting is the highest truth.

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Part 1 - 2 hr 2 min

Part 2 - 1 hr 10 min

Part 3 - 40 min

Includes PDF Notes

Some of the discussion points:

• Tuning into the Higher Self to gather information.

• The difference between channeling and mediumship.

• How to get into heart/brain coherence for these purposes.

• How to identify earth-bound souls.

• The new way of anchoring vs old-school grounding.

• Energetic and psychic interference and how to be aware of it.

• Meditative practices and exercises for prep before channeling.

• Clearing psychic debris and accumulation from your body/cells/heart/energy field.

• Lots of great Q&A with the participants - while hearing their discoveries and aha moments. Personal info has been edited out of the content.

• How to hold someone in your mind/perception while receiving information.

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