Hear from students:

I cannot tell you how empowered I feel having this course in my toolkit for manifesting a spiritual partnership. Having gone through the course I am 100% sure that I have everything I need to succeed at my relationship. It’s a complete, comprehensive approach to healing. We’ve been through traditional couples counseling several times, but it never provided the clarity like MSP has in regards to all the components involved in achieving an inspiring, pleasant and benificial relationship. It’s made a difference in my feelings about my relationship; I understand now how we’ve gotten to this point, and how to come together in love, and this all has made me see that the healing modality at the core of it all is learning how to love myself. I must admit, it was difficult spending the amount we did on this course, but I can’t stress enough how it was worth every penny. I feel empowered and will have these tools to live by and or go back to for the rest of my life.
— Angela H.

Why We Created This Course

First of all, I know it’s been hard (next to impossible) to get in for a session with me, and I’m sorry! I’m booked out for several months. The majority of my time has been spent working with people in series of longer sessions where we focus on upgrading or manifesting spiritual partnership.

Second, as I’ve been doing a review of how my work has been evolving over the last 6 months, I’m super excited! Many of my clients have been able to:

Alyssa-zack2edit copy.jpg
  • Become their own spiritual partner, finally speaking their highest truth and living it fully (leaving the lack of confidence, loneliness, self-betrayal, or victimhood behind).

  • If single: manifest a spiritual partner in their lives, instead of repeating the same relationships over and over (different person, same issues).

  • If in a relationship: upgrade themselves and the relationship to a spiritual partnership, with all of the beautiful intimacy that that provides.

But because I’ve been busy working one-on-one with couples and individuals helping them get these results – I haven’t had time to work with everyone who wants to get in.

Here’s the good news!

I have been SO inspired by their progress that I have grabbed MY spiritual partner Zack, to create an online program with LIVE COACHING together that will allow many more people to manifest or upgrade into a loving, intimate spiritual partnership.

Every day I hear from people who are tired of arguing about the same issues with their significant other with no resolution. An email from someone who is overwhelmed with waiting for “the one”. A Facebook message from someone who feels unstable about the future of their relationship. A note on Instagram asking how to rekindle the intimacy they used to have with their partner.

In my over 25 years of experience working with people I’ve found that it’s not hard to create the feeling of being loved, heard, seen, valued and kindle the intimate spark, it just takes a shift in perception. And I also realized that when I’m working one-on-one or with couples – there just aren’t enough hours in the days/weeks/months to help everyone that wants this type of permanent transformation.

But like I said, there is good news! Zack and I feel that our lovingly created course is the very best way to help more people elevate in this part of life (which ultimately affects EVERY part of life) – and we both will be walking you through this process together.

But it’s not for everyone.

Here’s who we feel we can help (either currently partnered or not):

  • Those who are 100% dedicated to their own growth.

  • Those who are open-minded and willing to take responsibility for themselves and their feelings.

  • Those who are super enthusiastic about the potential for a brand new way of showing up in relationship (with themselves and others.)

  • Those who are done with blaming other people and are ready and willing to do the work.

If you’re tired of arguing, feeling insecure and not heard, walking on eggshells, feeling resentment or waiting for someone to love you the way you want to be loved – and you’re ready to NEVER be in an unfulfilling relationship again, then this course is for you.

Spots for this course are limited and there is an application process.  
With big love,
Alyssa & Zack

I hesitated before signing up for this course, thinking that because I was not currently in a committed relationship that perhaps the material would not apply to me, or be as meaningful.  Alyssa assured me that this course was primarily about becoming a spiritual partner to myself, first, which then becomes the foundation for any partnership with another person.  I went for it - and this has been, hands down, one of the finest gifts I have ever given myself.  I am experiencing levels of peace, confidence, ease, authenticity and freedom previously unknown to me.  I am honoring and loving myself in an entirely new way.  Formerly closed, unhealed parts of my heart are now wide open, willing, liberated, and radiant.  People are asking me what is going on, what is different about me.

MSP has blessed, deepened and expanded every relationship in my life - old and new.  Alyssa and Zack truly are conduits of love and light.  I encourage you to experience this for yourself.
— Kristin Armstrong

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