Alyssa’s Favorite Things


Focused Life Force Energy

My and Zack’s #1 favorite thing! When you activate FLFE (Fluffy, as we call it) to direct energy to your home, office, mobile phone, wherever - you are activating a higher level of consciousness that is equal or greater to the consciousness of love. This clears spaces 24/7, of lower level energies, entities, imprints of challenging times or arguments, and imprints on the land/geographic area —— AND protects you from 5G and other consciousness-lowering EMFs, including WiFi.

Spiritual Development

Super awesome brand, new support for meditation. Audios and mandalas that shift your brainwave state, without binaural beats.

Energetically encoded meditation technology that catalyzes personal transformation, inner peace and self-actualization. Cultivate a profound flow-state. Activate deeper awareness and intelligence. Increase creativity and feelings of unity and well-being.

This subtle energy mandala is FREE for right now, so grab it quickly! Having the image open on your device helps to support you in releasing the past, whatever it is - bitterness, grief, pain, lack of understanding, trauma, shame. Let go of past events and issues. Just think of the thing that you want to release, with the image open (at least one copy, instructions included to amplify effects), breathe deeply and allow it to release. Many times you’ll have an Aha moment accompany the release, for the completion of whatever the issue is. INVALUABLE tool!

This mandala, when it’s displayed on your phone or computer screen, produces a tangible, altered state of consciousness conducive to spiritual awakening. Great for meditation, contemplation, self-inquiry, and any aspect of awakening. Once you download the image files, you can amplify them as well (instructions included). Zack and I make The Mystic our home screen and lock screen (wallpaper) on our phones every AM before our meditation. It’s a beautiful support. 🙌🏼Remember to change your phone screen before you start your day. We change to one of the others below for the rest of the day.💜

This one is on our computers as the screensaver, and it makes a HUGE difference. You’ll probably notice feeling lighter, with more clarity, more peace, and overall more well!

Images and beautiful tibetan-bowl music that are infused with the frequencies of pure, white, light - elevates the space, provides additional spiritual cleansing and protection. This is one of the five subtle energy products that we use every day. It’s like having a team of energy healers channeling coherent, love energy to you while you’re playing the music or have the image open on your phone or computer). LOVE this one, it’s a staple. 🙌🏼 (A Must-Have for Lightworkers.)

Every night, we change our screensavers and wallpaper on our phones to this mandala, about 2 hours before bedtime. It’s INCREDIBLE for sleep, to support the pineal gland in making the appropriate melatonin to be able to sleep deeply and enhance the dream state.This subtle energy product also helps with overall spiritual awakening and development, because it’s stimulating the pineal gland, the third eye. One of our essentials that we use every day, along with Pure White Light, Awakened Mind and The Mystic, above.

Pineal Awakening (Third Eye Activation)

This signature is sourced directly from the quantum field and is designed to perform two simple but very powerful things: 1. Awaken the pineal gland / third eye. 2. Open the pineal gland to the highest available source of knowledge. This is a wonderful way to gently but very powerfully awaken the third eye. Go slow with this one, if you’re super sensitive already. You’ll notice higher levels of awareness and more ease in meditation within minutes, depending on your level of sensitivity.

This is just the most relaxing! Creating sacred space wherever you are, the Fibonacci Sequence creates balance and order in nature, and provides the same energy wherever you play this track. Also helps with sleep, meditation, EMF sensitivity, and releasing overall stress.

The Schumann Resonance (also called the heartbeat of the earth) is 7.83 Hz (cycles per second), which is a standing wave in the cavity between the ionosphere and Earth.Benefits: Neural and cognitive functioning in mammals. Physical, emotional and mental health in humans. Healthy DNA formation in humans and mammals. Psychic phenomena. A healthy sense of being grounded and centered. A healthy form of protection against harmful electromagnetic fields (EMFs). An enhanced state of creativity, cognition and learning. Improved ability to handle stress.

Physical Health and Healing

Another one of the essentials that we use every day - we LOVE Increase Qi. Opening the image on your phone or computer channels the quantum energy of Qi (chi) directly to your physical body which gives you more energy flow for healing, for meditation, for general well-being. We’ve noticed faster physical healing when things come up, and an overall higher vitality and energy level. (Not great for bedtime though. For that, use Pineal Sleep Support which you’ll see above - we open that image up about 2 hours before bed.)

I have these print-outs underneath my chair where I sit with clients, to consistently support the coherence that I’m consciously cultivating. This is support for the multidimensional heart, with heart/brain coherence mandalas/subtle energy technology. This positively affects the physical heart, the heart-brain connection, the energetic heart (heart chakra), the high heart (thymus chakra), the spiritual heart (the heart on the right).

The Human Assemblage Point is the central place where the energy body and the physical body connect - and it also is where you channel life force energy. Due to stresses of modern life, this point is commonly not stable, and can interfere with natural healing processes, in all ways: emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. We use this one on a weekly basis or so, just opening the mandala on the phone or computer screen to “reboot” the Assemblage point.

Pain Relief

Brain Enhancement