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Open Forum • Channeling/Messages [New Moon]

Raw Spirituality Network • Explore + Expand Group • 10am central • 8am pacific • 11am eastern

In our Open Forum with Alyssa + Divine Ascension Team, you're invited to ask questions about any topic that falls under the umbrella of: planetary or personal expansion, ascension, awakening, growth, cosmic awareness, planetary shifts.

The purpose of this gathering is to assist and support you in deep Soul Expansion, Healing and Growth; rather than provide predictive readings. The reason for this structure, is that we are ALL creating our lifestream, moment by moment.

The channeling/messages will begin with a reading of the collective group energy; followed by questions from the group in the topics mentioned above. Profound healing accompanies this type of gathering.

Everyone's questions are valid and welcomed and met with honor and love. Everyone's questions assist and support the group, even if you're not aware of it at the time.

We will include a powerful meditation/activation for deep healing, awakening and growth. Expect uplifting fun and communion!

• This event will be broadcast LIVE in the Explore + Expand Group (EE Group), within our Raw Spirituality Network, online. You may participate via computer or via phone app (available after you join the Raw Spirituality Network.)

• To participate, click the appropriate button below. Once in the Raw Spirituality Network, from the menu go to Groups, then the Explore + Expand Group, then Events.