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New Earth Broadcast • Autumnal Equinox September 2019

Raw Spirituality Network • Explore + Expand Group • 10am central • 8am pacific • 11am eastern

Join us ONLINE on Sunday, September 22, the day before the peak of the fall equinox.

We are evolving higher and higher vibrationally, consciously creating and reinforcing the energetic structure of our new earth light-bodies; as we step more deeply into fulfilling our spiritual service roles as Ambassadors Of New Earth (which is Unity-Love-Sovereign-Freedom-Consciousness).

Each month in the EE Group, join Alyssa LIVE online as she shares uplifting, inspiring, heart-connecting, consciousness-expanding information. You'll also experience Divine transmissions, healing and light activations to support your process - as well as the clearing of energies that are no longer in service to your Divine Mission.

• This event will be broadcast LIVE in the Explore + Expand Group (EE Group), within our Raw Spirituality Network, online. You may participate via computer or via phone app (available after you join the Raw Spirituality Network.)

• To participate, click the appropriate button below. Once in the Raw Spirituality Network, from the menu go to Groups, then the Explore + Expand Group, then Events.