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Full Moon Activation/Meditation Livestream

Raw Spirituality Network • Explore + Expand Group • 6pm central • 4pm pacific • 7pm eastern

In this Special Event ONLINE with Alyssa, she'll discuss (with healing activations) the State of the Universe, and we'll connect with the highest & purest transformative power of the full moon energy, using meditation and energy healing, to cleanse and transform outworn patterns and usher in your chosen upgraded experience! No meditation experience necessary, for all levels. 60-90 minutes. Livestream online ONLY.

• This event will be broadcast LIVE in the Explore + Expand Group (EE Group), within our Raw Spirituality Network, online. You may participate via computer or via phone app (available after you join the Raw Spirituality Network.)

• To participate, click the appropriate button below. Once in the Raw Spirituality Network, from the menu go to Groups, then the Explore + Expand Group, then Events.