Alyssa is temporarily not accepting new clients, and not scheduling current clients, because she’s booked out over 6 months in advance. To connect with Alyssa:

  • Join the FREE online community here.

  • Join Alyssa’s Session List for randomly selected appointments and exclusive Small Group Readings (accessible in-person and online/phone). Sign up form is at the bottom of this page.

  • Come to an in-person or live-stream event! You’ll see events and registration options below.

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If you wish to book a session now; for over 5 years Alyssa has mentored two talented natural psychic mediums/energy healers, Karen Cooper and Danielle Garcia. You may book an appointment with either of them, below. Thank you for your understanding and we’re looking forward to connecting with you! YOU’LL SEE A FORM BELOW TO JOIN ALYSSA’S SESSION LIST, if you’d like to be randomly selected for a session with Alyssa when appointments are available and to be invited to the exclusive Small Group Readings.

What people are saying about Danielle:

My session with Danielle was amazing! She has such a calm and caring presence, and it was clear to see that the information she shared was for my healing, spiritual growth, and highest good. She was so generous and compassionate. She is a truly gifted intuitive healer, and I’m already planning to gift my daughter a session when she returns home from college this summer. Thank you, Danielle!
— April L.
Danielle was truly amazing!  Her peaceful and loving energy put me at ease immediately. She is the real deal and it flows so naturally through her. The session with her was everything I wanted and more! Thank you SO much Danielle!
— Bryan H.

What people are saying about Karen:

I can not find enough wonderful things to say about working with Karen. She has such a calm and loving presence. Karen has a true gift of healing and of insight. She has helped me through a number of transitions – parenting, grief over loss of a spouse, and starting a new career after 16 years out of the workforce. Her insights have been spot on.
— Sondra M.
Once I was on the table for Reiki, she immediately connected with my husband on the other side, relaying messages with the tone and humor of my late husband, and discussing things she could not have known anything about. It was, and is, a great comfort...

Join Alyssa’s Session List

People who are interested in a private session with Alyssa are randomly selected (from this list) and will be notified by phone and/or e-mail when appointments are available. This can be an exercise in trusting Divine guidance and timing, that you’ll experience a session when and if it is most benevolent for you.

Please make sure your contact information is correct. There is no guarantee that you will obtain a session by joining the list, however, after joining this list, you will be invited to participate in exclusive Small Group Readings with Alyssa (in-person and remote) with a guaranteed mini-reading. This is a random selection process due to demand. Thank you for your understanding.

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